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Study New Hampshire

NHCUC showcases the breadth and value of education opportunities in New Hampshire for students who live in state and across the world. Our cooperative programs increase recruiting efficiency while providing value for students and members.

Bringing Students from Around the World to NH

The keystone to this cooperative effort is NHCUC’s Study New Hampshire program. Study NH is a vital resource for prospective students seeking information on the best places to attend college or university.

Even students living in New Hampshire may not know the full breadth of opportunities offered by the state and its schools. For those students, as well as students living in other parts of the country or abroad, Study NH provides a central resource for information on living and studying in New Hampshire.

Study NH also leverages resources from the U.S. Department of Commerce to reach students from diverse regions. Federal resources include social media campaigns and other marketing efforts that extend globally.

Highlighting Member Excellence

iIn addition to information on New Hampshire’s bountiful advantages, NHCUC’s efforts showcase the academic excellence, breadth of offerings, and value of our member institutions. Study NH offers information and resources to engage students and help them enroll:

Details on the diversity and high caliber of programs from NHCUC member colleges and universities. Information features the wide range of degree and certifcate programs, as well as community engagement, athletic, and other offerings available for students.

A visual tour of New Hampshire’s natural landscape and higher education settings.

Information on institutional types, accreditation, and other aspects of higher education to guide student decision making.

Resources on tuition assistance, including financial aid and scholarships.

Information and resources specifically for international students.