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Student Exchange

NHCUC’s Student Exchange program opens access to courses for students across participating member campuses. Through this innovative program, students in good academic, financial, and social standing may enroll in courses not offered at their home institution.

Broadening Academic Opportunity in New Hampshire

The Student Exchange program opens study opportunities by letting students tap into courses that otherwise would not be available to them. This broader access to programs increases New Hampshire’s appeal as a place to study.

To participate, students must be enrolled full-time during the fall and spring semesters. Visiting students pay tuition to their home institution and may pay fees to the host institution. Online, summer courses, January term, and continuing education courses are excluded.

Arrangements to participate in the Student Exchange program can be made through the home and host campuses. Students need only to review their request with the Registrars of each school.

Student Exchange lets students tap into courses across New Hampshire.

Participating Colleges & Universities

NHCUC members participating in the Student Exchange program offer a wide range of general and specialized curriculum courses. A diverse group of colleges and universities collaborate on this program: