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Professional Communities

Professional communities are at the foundation of NHCUC’s collaboration among member colleges and universities. Through NHCUC, professionals in a wide range of student service functions work across campuses to spread best practices and share knowledge and resources.

Vital Support for Campus Leaders

Our professional communities gather formally on a regular basis and informally as needed. They share ideas, review emerging trends, work together to address challenges, and strengthen skills through professional development. Many develop joint programs to realize efficiencies and serve common goals.

These purpose-driven communities strengthen members’ capacity to understand and address the needs of their students. They also offer resources and support structures to further the goals of their institutions and advance higher education in New Hampshire.

professional communities offer skills, support, and shared resources for meeting students’ needs.

Learn More about NHCUC Communities

NHCUC’s professional communities are open only to campus professionals at member colleges and universities. For more information about NHCUC communities and how they can help you enhance student services, contact NHCUC.

Communities & Their Work

Current NHCUC professional communities span a full range of campus functions that work to help students get the most from their college experience.

A Unique Alliance to Engage Students

NHCUC’s Admission Directors Committee is a formal community that meets regularly to exchange ideas, discuss trends in admissions, and pursue joint domestic and international recruitment initiatives. This group also works to develop collaborative learning experiences for students (e.g., college mini-fairs) and empower students to achieve their higher education dreams in New Hampshire.

Preparing Students for Career Success

NHCUC’s Career Professionals Committee is a formal community of career advisors from across member campuses that meets regularly to share ideas and access collaborative resources and programs. This group works to increase capacity through professional development as well as to serve students directly through joint career resources and events.

Collaborating for Academic Excellence

Chief Academic Affairs Officers from member campuses connect as needed to share effective practices and discuss potential collaborative programming. They also explore resource-sharing and professional development opportunities to strengthen learning across New Hampshire’s higher education landscape.

Leading Equity & Inclusion

Chief Diversity Officers connect to discuss current issues and challenges in advancing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in higher education. They share informed practices and explore collaborative opportunities to support efforts to lead New Hampshire higher education toward inclusive excellence.

Promoting Economic Vitality

Chief Financial Officers connect as needed to share ideas and business practices, discuss common concerns, and tackle current and emerging issues. They also explore joint cost-sharing opportunities to advance the economic vitality of higher education institutions in New Hampshire.

Fostering Vibrant Learning Communities

Chief Student Affairs Officers connect as needed to discuss current issues and challenges in student affairs, exchange ideas, and spread informed practices. In addition, they explore potential collaborative activities to foster living and learning communities that promote student success.

Creating an Inclusive Environment

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion professionals on NHCUC member campuses connect to exchange ideas, trends, challenges, and best practices in supporting students. They also seek ways to collaborate on joint programming and initiatives to create more inclusive, equitable, and socially just campus communities.

Shared Access to Vital Resources

NHCUC’s formal Libraries Committee convenes regularly to share resources, explore ways to avoid costly duplication across campuses, pursue joint purchasing opportunities, and collaborate on professional development. It also manages NHCUC’s Interlibrary Delivery System, which gives students and faculty shared access to library collections from most member institutions and the State Library.

Supporting Student Wellbeing

Mental Health professionals on NHCUC’s member campuses connect to discuss trends, issues, and challenges in the increasingly important area of collegiate mental health. These professionals exchange ideas and explore opportunities for collaboration to meet the mental health and wellbeing needs of students in New Hampshire.

Facilitating Cross-Campus Enrollment

Student Exchange Coordinators meet to facilitate NHCUC’s Student Exchange program, which allows students at participating member colleges and universities to enroll in courses not offered at their home institution. Program coordinators share ideas and discuss effective practices in pursuit of excellence in registration and enrollment services.