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Our Impact

NHCUC and its members collaborate to help students prepare for and access a first-rate college education in New Hampshire. We also work together to promote best practices and realize efficiencies across campuses.

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Through a range of innovative initiatives, we give New Hampshire students the tools they need to succeed in school and meet the demands of tomorrow’s workforce.

We are able to achieve results by partnering across all types of colleges and universities in regions across the state. Our members represent some 200,000 students, so our impact is both deep and broad.

Our Mission

Advancing Higher Education in New Hampshire

By collaborating across institutions, we expand education opportunities for hundreds of thousands of students in New Hampshire.

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Our Priorities

Facilitate collaboration among and between member campuses

Help New Hampshire’s students prepare for and succeed in college

Prepare graduates to meet New Hampshire’s evolving workforce needs

Keep talented students in state for college and careers

Promote New Hampshire as an education destination for students in New England and around the world

Champion the public value of New Hampshire’s higher education institutions

Our Work

Commitment through Collaboration

NHCUC manages a range of cooperative initiatives for members. Programs focus on value areas such as student recruitment, student services, professional development, resource sharing, and public advocacy.


Our Actions

Work with school districts across New Hampshire to expand college preparedness, access, and success.

Sponsor professional development conferences and other events for faculty and administrators.

Coordinate collaborative initiatives among academic, admission, career, diversity, and other student services offices.

Promote New Hampshire’s colleges & universities as top-tier choices to students and their families.

Raise awareness of higher education’s impact on the state among government and community leaders.

Provide a forum for discussion of vital issues among college presidents and other campus leaders.

Partnering for Value

NHCUC partners with schools, employers, government agencies, and other organizations to extend the value of our programs.

Schools and Districts

We partner with secondary schools to prepare students for college success.

New Hampshire Employers

We work with employers across the state to gauge emerging needs and motivate students.

Organizational Partners

Partnerships with other higher education organizations fuel efficiencies.

Government Agencies

Our programs leverage funding from state and national government agencies.