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New Hampshire Scholars

The New Hampshire Scholars initiative encourages students to prepare for college and careers by taking a rigorous course of study in high school.

NH Scholars is part of the National State Scholars Initiative Network, which includes 25 states across the country. The program receives federal funding, extending its reach across the state.

Supporting Academic Achievement

New Hampshire Scholars engages business and school volunteers to encourage high school students to complete a defined, rigorous Core Course of Study. Coursework is designed to support transition to the college or vocational training necessary to enter today’s competitive job market.

Drawn from the national baseline of study, the Core Course of Study specifies courses across disciplines and years. Coursework includes 2–4 years of classes in English, math, laboratory science, social studies, and a foreign language.

Our goal: Increase opportunity through academic rigor.

Our impact:
NH Scholars operates in more than 80 school districts across the state.

Advancing College & Work Readiness

Participation in the New Hampshire Scholars program enhances students’ academic skills and reduces the need for remedial coursework. Students gain a host of advantages:

Preparation for success in college

Critical thinking and decision-making skills

Improved candidacy for certain types of scholarships and financial aid

Enhanced opportunities for job placement and advancement

The New Hampshire College & University Council coordinates the New Hampshire Scholars initiative in partnership with Campus Compact for New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Department of Education.