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The New Hampshire GEAR UP Alliance hosted its first annual Instant Admissions Day on January 30, 2023! 

Laconia High School seniors were provided a unique opportunity to speak with admissions representatives from 13 New Hampshire colleges and universities, with the possibility to walk away with an acceptance letter in hand! Additionally, students were able to walk away with scholarships, financial aid, and more!

While there were many success stories from the day’s event, one stood out—a student who received an instant acceptance to New England College couldn’t believe this was her reality. Being so surprised, honored, and excited to receive an acceptance letter to NEC, she continuously asked the admissions representative, Rebecca Feely, if this was really happening. “Even with those reassurances, I think it just seemed too good to be true…she was so excited and wanted to make sure she understood it correctly.” 

Instant Admissions Day proved to be life-changing for many students who walked away with an acceptance letter in hand. For many attendees, they will be first-generation college students. Receiving an acceptance letter to a higher education institution means the world to these students and their families and can absolutely change the trajectory of their lives. Due to the widespread success of the event, Instant Admissions Day will likely be a recurring opportunity for GEAR UP high school students. Feely remembers that “every student who came to our table left with an acceptance letter and a smile on their face.”