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Fifteen colleges and universities participated in the NH Outdoor College Fair on Sunday, September 26 at Mount Sunapee in Newbury, New Hampshire. The event was a timely solution to the pandemic challenges of connecting students with college admissions officials in person to have in-depth conversations about options and opportunities. The NH Outdoor College Fair was organized by the NHCUC Admission Directors Committee and sponsored by NHCUC.

“Most college fairs were canceled this past year, resulting in many high school students feeling behind on their college searches,” said Peg Richmond, admission director at Keene State College. “Those attending the fair [were] able to meet with admissions representatives from multiple institutions in a safe, outdoor environment, and have the opportunity to enjoy the activities of the local area during the afternoon.”

The fair took place outdoors near the Spruce Lodge with a backdrop of changing leaves. Students met with representatives from each school to explore opportunities and learn about academic programs. There were raffles of college swag and giveaways. The event followed CDC COVID-19 guidelines for safety, featuring proper spacing and indoor masking policies.

“We recognize this is a difficult time for families and for prospective college students who have had limited access to campuses,” explains Debby Scire, President & CEO of NHCUC. “Face to face conversations matter, and we hope families enjoyed the gorgeous landscape and collection of wonderful schools to talk about their futures.”

A special thank you to the NH Outdoor College Fair planning committee that included Anna Miner, Peg Richmond, Tara Payne, Julie Lanman, and Jeremy Heidenreich for making this event happen.